How do robots learn to walk?

Hmm, well this might be a little off topic from my usual blog posts but I recently recorded an interview with Chris Lehnert, a PhD student at the Queensland University of Technology.

His research is based on programming elastic robots to teach themselves how to move. Pretty interesting stuff, so check it out!

I found it particularly interesting hearing about the differences between rigid and elastic robots. I’m comforted to know that once these elastic robots hit the streets that they won’t be taking anyone’s head off by mistake!

And if you want to see what Chris means when he talks about elastic robots, have a look at this video.

Next time on Science MIA, I’ll be looking at what the differences are between various types of fuel. Thanks for reading, leave any comments you might have, and feel free to ask any of those science questions you’ve been wondering about!

Have you ever really thought about fuel?


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One response to “How do robots learn to walk?

  1. It would certainly be handy if robots were autonomous enough to learn from their environment. As long as they’ve got a firm grounding in Asimov’s three laws, that is.

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